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This plugin provides the following tag(s):

<txp:rvm_counter />

Returns a number that is incremented each time this tag is called. Counter values are stored in the txp_discuss_nonce table without conflicting with comment nonces.



Default, nameless counter:

<txp:rvm_counter />

A counter named ‘example’:

<txp:rvm_counter name="example" />

Reset the ‘example’ counter to 10. Note that you have to remove the reset attribute after the counter is reset:

<txp:rvm_counter name="example" reset="10" />

Use an offset of -10. Suppose the counter is currently at 25, then it would display 15:

<txp:rvm_counter offset="-10" />

Add left side zero-padding to make the counter value 5 digits wide. If the counter is set to 25, this would display 00025:

<txp:rvm_counter width="5" />

Display the current counter value, without changing it:

<txp:rvm_counter step="0" />