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Zem Contact Lang

This is a separate language plug-in for use with Zem Contact Reborn. Both plug-ins need to be installed and activated in order to work properly.

Separating the language in this way will enable non-english users to update the main plug-in without affecting their “localisation”.


Throughout the zem_contact_reborn plug-in, use has been made of a separate gTxt function which you can see in this plug-in’s code by clicking on the “Edit” button.

If you are using the plug-in for a non-english site you can make use of this to localise text outputs for your preferred language.

You should only edit text that appears after the => sign.

If you have a dual-language site and the languages use separate “sections”, you can use the tag to enable different translations. An example of this usage is shown in the forum thread. Our thanks to Els (doggiez) for this example.